XX/Élise Ltd Edition Mouthwash in Leather Holder 200mlFace



Citrus, lime, eucalyptus & peppermint

Offering a new perspective on everyday ceremonies, Selahatin is presenting a limited edition mouthwash holder in three stylish colours.

Crafted by hand in Stockholm with vegetable tanned Italian leather embellished with the brands signature S, this collector’s item is available for a short period only.

XX/Elise is an alluring composition, with a chameleon soul. With intertwining notes of Siccilian Citrus, Turkish lime, and biting eucalyptus, the aroma is juxtaposing between cool and hot. XX/Élise will cradle you in a false sense of security with its initial light and crisp character before a raw and biting force will hit you like a kiss.


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