Salad Topping - Fig, Nut & Raisin

by Nicolas Vahé


Put the finishing touch on a fresh salad with this delicious salad topping from Nicolas Vahé. With the combination of the sweet raisins and figs, and a crunchy bitterness from the walnuts, this mix is a complete taste experience. The combination is good for all different kinds of salads, but you can also use it for homemade breads or as a topping for your breakfast. In addition to the dried fruits, the mix also contains poppy seeds, which adds a delicious and spicy touch. We recommend that you store this item in a cool, dark and dry environment.

150 g
30,3% figs (figs, rice flour), 30,3% @walnuts, 30,3% raisins (minimum 99,3% grapes, vegetable oil), 7,9% poppy seeds, 1,2% cornflower blossoms.


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