Rosè Cipriani 750ml



Cipriani Rosè is born from the nest grapes picked in a selected Pinot Noir vineyard.  
A special vine that gives structure, personality, complexity, and that is caressed by the touch of a harmonious aromaticness, the Chardonnay one. Cipriani Rosè charms at first sight, thanks to its classic pink colour, shining through the brilliance of a fine bead. Its pleasant fragrance mixes fruity essences and evolved scents that reveal a slow maturation, foreshadowing the silky pleasure that embraces the palate.

At Cipriani, we have added to our product family, a sparkling rosè specifically crafted to make any occasion as unique as possible.


Grapes: Pinot Noir (80%), Chardonnay (20%). 

Vineyard soil: gravelly.

Training system: Guyot.

Sparkling wine-making method:
 Long Charmat (120 days in small steel tanks). 

Bead: fine, numerous and persistent. 

Appearance: classic pink. 

Nose: a varied bouquet, with intense fragrances of wild berries and a pleasant background of crusty bread.

Palate: inviting and velvety.

Alcoholic strength: 12% vol.

Ideal serving temperature: 7-8° C. 

Pairings: aperitif, excellent with fish starters and delicate cold cuts.


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