Prosecco Cipriani 750ml



It has a subtle straw yellow colour, a refined fragrance with elegant floral notes and delicate fruity essences, an extraordinarily velvety flavour. Cipriani Prosecco, born from the best grapes hand-harvested in a dedicated vineyard, is a premium expression of the territory’s sparkling-wine attitude, joining quality excellence and style uniqueness.

"At Harry's Bar the drinks we serve, the bar itself, the people gathered around it, often in so many layers that they completely block both doorways...this is the essence of the place.[...]

Today, Prosecco is recognised and appreciated everywhere in the world.At Cipriani, we would like to believe it is so also because of our famous and inimitable Bellini.”


Grapes: Glera.

Vineyard soil: gravelly.

Training system: Guyot.

Sparkling wine-making method: Charmat (100 days in small steel tanks).

Bead: subtle and lasting.

Appearance: light straw yellow with lime green glare.

Nose: intense and elegant, rich of flowery notes and delicate fruity extracts.

Palate: tempting and velvety.

Alcoholic strength: 12% vol.

Ideal serving temperature: 7-8°C.

Pairings: aperitif, perfect with fish-based starters.


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