20 Tea bags in Carton Box

Balinese Detox is a delicious infusion which combines the detox and soothing qualities of lemongrass and galangal with gourmet mango and papaya notes.

This recipe takes inspiration from the Balinese custom of jamu – a therapeutic plant-based drink containing roots and spices. This ancient Indonesian juice recipe includes lemongrass and galangal among its ingredients, and is used for healing and to repair bodily disorders, as well as to sooth migraines and pains.

Balinese Detox ingredients:
Lemongrass: this traditional culinary ingredient is a powerful detoxifying agent, which eases digestion and muscle relaxation. It also offers calming qualities.
Galangal: this medicinal plant has been used in Asia for generations, and has several curative properties, including helping combat digestive problems.
Mango and papaya: these two exotic fruits provide soft and gourmet notes.

A subtle note of natural almond aroma which brings to mind plumeria flowers livens up this beneficial recipe.

Lastly, this recipe is certified 100% organic: AB label, the European Union organic certification label, Certified Organic by Ecocert, the USDA Organic label.

How to prepare this infusion hot: Infuse 15g of Organic Balinese DETOX in 1L of water at 95°C for 5 min.

How to prepare this infusion iced: Infuse 16g of Organic Balinese DETOX in 1L of water at room temperature for 1 hour.When the infusion is ready, place the liquor in the fridge to cool.

Tea ingredients

Apple*, ginger*, lemongrass* (15%), mango* (4%), papaya* (3%), coconut*, acidifier: citric acid, rose* and marigold* petals, natural almond and ginger flavours, galangal* (1%), essential oils (organic orange, lemongrass and cinnamon).

*Organically grown ingredients.


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