Mon Gros Lapin

by Confiture Parisienne


So for Easter, Confiture Parisienne has outdone itself with a recipe to die for.
Yes, forget everything you know about spread, close your eyes and open your mouth.

Are you ready ?
First, milk chocolate and almonds. Not trivial, almonds. But if in addition you are told that said almonds are roasted before being crushed and mixed with chocolate, it is not fun at all. Add to that a touch of fleur de sel and we are already on the verge of a heart attack. But beware, the coup de grace arrives in the form of a heart of soft caramel transplanted directly to the pocket, pot by pot in the very center of the chocolate-almond paste.

Net weight


List of ingredients

roasted almond, tender salted butter caramel, milk chocolate, icing sugar, dark chocolate, sunflower oil, fleur de sel.


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