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Happy Roots Organic

by Mill & Mortar


Root for this lively spice blend!

Happy Roots is an organic spice mix that Mill & Mortar has developed specially for root vegetables. We have used five different herbs along with chili and sesame to spice up all kinds of root vegetable dishes, as well as mash, rösti, veggie steaks or as a sprinkled spice on French fries.

Includes inspiration for how to easily modify the preparation of root vegetables with Happy Roots and a simple and tasty dip that is popular with both children and adults.

Organic spice blend

Ingredients: Garlic granules *, rosemary *, white sesame*, chili flakes*, savory *, oregano *, thyme *, basil *
* = Organic.

Net weight: 45 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space


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