Greek Organic Honey and Ginger - 280g

by Symbeeosis

€11,00 €19,50

Precious for you, as it gives an energy boost and aids digestion. Precious for the planet, as we share the honey with the bees, to ensure healthy and thriving populations now and in the future. Fortified with ginger active dry extract to enhance its action.

stimulating at the beginning of the day; as a sweet dessert after meals
organic honey, organic dry ginger extract
warm and peppery aroma, with a sweet and spicy flavor
*A super superfood with unexpectedly delicious taste! A unique honey product with high biofunctionality, thanks to the special combination of pine honey with organic ginger. With a high pollen count, it has antioxidant and tonic properties. Pine trees, emblematic of the rich Greek flora, encountered everywhere from coastal areas to wooded hillsides, convey the unique properties of Greek nature to pine honey. With a naturally low glucose content, it is rich in trace elements, proteins, and amino acids, primarily thanks to the high number of nutrients in its composition. The addition of the active dry ginger extract not only provides its distinctive spicy flavor, but significantly boosts its nutritional benefits thanks to the antioxidant properties of ginger and supports the immune system.


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