Grace Botanical Infusion Tin, 15 Silky Tea Bags, 37.5g

by Fortnum & Mason

There’s nothing quite like a brew to help relax, reset or revive your day, and our latest collection of botanical infusions will provide that positive pick-me-up when you need it most. In six innovative flavours, each blend combines delicious teas and soothing botanicals to not only suit your mood, but also the time of day.

Floral and fruity with a wonderful oolong complexity and soft pale-pink cup, our Grace Botanical Infusion combines calming notes of oolong tea with hints of blueberries, calendula and goji berries. Ideal for those moments when you need to take care of number one.

Each blend is housed inside a decorative tin – with a unique design that tells its own story – and contains 15 silky teabags.

Using one bag per person, brew for 5 minutes with water just off the boil. Best enjoyed without milk.


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