Fortnum's Rosé Sparkling Tea, 0% ABV, 75cl

by Fortnum & Mason

Following the success of Fortnum's revolutionary Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea, here comes its new sister-blend, which brings a host of fresh ingredients and flavours to the fore.

Fortnum’s Rosé Sparkling Tea is wonderfully crisp and elegant, yet notably drier than the original, with a pale pink hue and a subtle sweetness – using hibiscus alongside even more tea per litre than before.

Highlighting complex flavours and remarkable layers, the palate opens with notes of tropical fruits, cranberry, hints of ginger, and deep layers of Darjeeling – complemented by light, fresh Japanese Sencha. Delicate tannins from the teas and hibiscus lend firm, precise structure and herbal complexity, whilst a nose of raspberry Pavlova, sherbet, wild strawberries, elderflower and oolong delivers a wonderful freshness. The finish is long and satisfyingly round, with white tea, a touch of baked dough and delicate spice inviting the next sip.

Best served chilled as an aperitif, this celebratory brew is versatile enough to enjoy alongside a variety of food. It is particularly impressive with cured ham, smoked fish and summer salads.

0% ABV

Certified organic.
Suitable for drinking during pregnancy.
Recommended 18-month shelf life.

150mg Caffeine Per 1L
48kj/12kcal Calories Per 100ml


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