Cylinda-line AJ Salad Bowl

by Stelton


This modernist Stelton Salad Bowl was created by Arne Jacobsen for leading kitchen design company company Stelton.

Jacobsen was responsible for the award-winning cylindi-line that became the heart around which the current Stelton design ethos was forged. Seeking to create a modernist look that provides form through an expression of absolute utility, Jacobsen's influence is still being felt throughout the design world today. This Stelton Salad Bowl represents that creative bent, with its simple cylindrical shape of steel that stands out from the norm thanks to its very simplicity.

This paradox of unusual ordinariness effortlessly draws the eye. The piece is able to blend perfectly with existing decor while still fostering an unmistakable sense in the viewers that something is out of the ordinary. At a height of 23cm and a diameter of 24cm, the bowl is capable of providing sizeable volume storage for your salads and the stainless steel composition makes an interesting juxtaposition with the vibrant greens and tomato reds. A simple and effective way to add chic to your kitchen, the Stelton Salad Bowl is a great choice that will last thanks to its durable construction and timeless design.

Width 24cm

Height: 23cm


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