Cherry Kalamata X FeGH X Matali Crasset

by Confiture Parisienne


It’s done with Kalamata Cherry, a bit of a nutty flavor, a find from FeGH.
Find the unique marriage of a fleshy bigarreau cherry and a large racy olive from Kalamata in Greece. A priori nonsense? Rather a revelation when you taste it.
As for the pot not quite like the others, we decided to call on Matali Crasset who revisited the iconic pot with a delicate gradient leaving, for the first time, a glimpse of a little jam in a thin space of transparency. Erotic design, in short, which will provide a setting for this unprecedented adultery between olive and cherry, addiction guaranteed.

Net weight


List of ingredients

Cherry, cranberry juice, cane sugar, kalamata olive, lemon, citrus pectin.


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