Bellini Cipriani 200ml



The original Bellini recipe prepared at Harry’s Bar in Venice calls for a precise balance of brut sparkling wine and a Mediterranean white peach purée. Our bottled Bellini cocktail offers the same harmony between dry and fruity flavors, and between intensity and freshness.

The key to success of this cocktail, created by Giuseppe Cipriani, is in the simple and genuine combination of two flavors. The fine and delicate flavor of white Mediterranean peaches together with the lively and fragrant bubbles of Italian brut sparkling wine.

Its elegant and captivating bouquet astonishes for its freshness which exalts its fruitiness.


Product description: A wine and white peach (20%) based cocktail.

Alcohol content: 5,5% vol.

Packing: 200 ml size bottle.

Origins: The world’s famous cocktail consists of white peach juice and brut sparkling wine. It was invented in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice and is served in every Cipriani location around the world.

Colour: The cocktail has a pleasant nuance which recalls the shades of delicate white peaches.

Bouquet: Its elegant and embracing bouquet astonishes for its freshness which exalts its fruity notes.

Taste: It evokes the sweetness of peachess embellished with fragrant bubbles.

Matches with: Perfect anytime,can be best enjoyed as an aperitif. 

Serving temperature: 3-4 ̊C

Storing temperature: Between 15 and 20 ̊C


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